How to Stand Out as a Tattoo Artist

Are you wondering how to stand out as a tattoo artist?

Your work’s good, but you’re not attracting as many clients as you’d like.

There are all sorts of tactics you could try.

And then there’s one that’s guaranteed to work.

You need to specialize in tattooing people with darker skin.

How to Stand Out as a Tattoo Artist

There Are Fewer Artists Who Tattoo People That Aren’t White

Go ahead, scroll through Instagram to see how many tattoo images you see on darker skin.

Not many, huh?

Black, brown, Asian, and Latinx people all have gorgeous ink.

But you won’t see it advertised as much, and that’s a shame.

I’ve heard artists say that they’re worried about the fine detail of their work not showing up as well.

If they haven’t learned to work on dark skin, then it’s true, their work may not look as good.

Or maybe they just need to learn to take better photos.

In any case, the tattoo industry needs more diversity.

If you specialize in this kind of work, it won’t be hard to make a name for yourself.

Word-of-mouth alone will keep you busy.

You’ll be surprised how quickly the community discovers which artists meet their needs.

How to Adapt Your Art for Darker Skin

When you tattoo darker skin, you’re viewing the ink through the layer of melanin in the dermis.

This automatically creates a filter that alters the colors.

You’ll need to develop an eye for which shades you should use.

Start with the best tattoo inks for darker skin.

Bright colors will retain their vibrancy better than you think. (more…)

Realistic 3D Nail Design for Beginners

Nail art has been used since a long time as a popular form of body adornment, but like all other art forms, this one too has undergone phenomenal changes as it has been touched by progress in technology. 3D or three dimensional is the new in thing nail design, as it gives an amazing visual appeal to them and adds a realistic touch. Decorating your nails can be a fun way to express your creativity. Because nail art can go far beyond basic nail polish, it helps to have the right tools and accessories to shape, paint, and decorate your nails. You’ve probably seen nail flower designs in the past but since 2020 is fast approaching, we wanted to give you a tutorial on how to create realistic looking flowers that everyone is absolutely going to love.

Realistic 3D Nail Design

What you’ll need:

LDS French White
LDS Base Powder
LDS Clear Powder
LDS D09 Smoke Blue
LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary
LDS Liquid E.A Bond
LDS Liquid Gel Base
LDS Liquid Sealer Dry
LDS Liquid Top Coat


Get Healthy, Beautiful Nails with These Nail Care Tips!

Aside from our face, our nails is also a canvas in our body where we can showcase our love for art for everyone to see, and a lot of men look at a woman’s nail (toenails for some) before looking at the face. For them, a beautiful and clean nails means so much more than just being fashionable. But a beautiful and healthy nail doesn’t happen by chance. Many a woman are struggling to get nails free from pesky symptoms such as white spots, ridges, and flaking. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep your nails healthy, long, and beautiful!

Nail Care Tips


Ridges in the nail can either grow vertically or horizontally and they make nail painting very hard because nail polish tends to settle into the cracks. The reason behind those annoying ridges in your nails is the unhealthy matrix in your nails. Experts explained that when your matrix isn’t working properly, the nail won’t grow evenly. Proper diet and improved lifestyle will help you get better matrix. A proven solution for ridges is using base before painting your nails. The base fills any ridges like spackle, creating an even base to paint your nails on. DTK Nail Supply has several professional nail supplies that can help you improve your nails. (more…)

Prevent Pimples With These 5 Steps

You’re tired of dealing with acne, and we don’t blame you. Let’s do a quick inventory of your skincare products. We’ll touch on five categories where you can make alterations if needed. These five steps should help you prevent pimples in the future.

Prevent Pimples

First, what do you use to cleanse your skin? Is it a salicylic acid face wash? Are you using a body wash for acne-prone skin? The reason why we ask is that regular old soap won’t cut it. In fact, it’s likely that your current shower gel is making things worse. Soaps, body washes with sulfates, and bath oils may be stripping your skin dry, upsetting the pH balance, and clogging your pores. Try a better product for a month and see what happens. (more…)

Diping Powder Polish

In a bid to look for an environmentally friendly, odour free and healthy polish? The health professionals have come up with the dip powder polish. As it is known, acrylics are lethal to our nails due to the damage they cause. However, dip powders have been said to be a healthy and safe alternative to the acrylics. It is said to be the perfect polish that offers a shiny look extra protection and more length to the nails without causing the kind of damage that arises from acrylics.

Through the experience that health experts have gathered, dip powder polishes have been manufactured and released to the market to save those who have always been disgusted by the after-effects of the other common polishes. With over 250 colours that one can choose from, you can always have a different but elegant look that is unlike any other that your friends have ever seen. A lot of people are learning about dip powders for the first time but these powders are taking over the market. Many people have started using them and realizing their effectiveness hence replacing their usual polishes.

dipping powder polish

Furthermore, the application process of dip powder is a lot easier and faster hence it saves a lot of time. They have no odour and can easily be soaked off compared to the gel polishes that need a lot of scrapping. These are just a few of the characteristics that make dip powders a safer alternative for the rest of the polishes. Such powders may include the Kiara sky powder nail, OPI dipping powder and SNS nail powder. If you would need such powder polishes, you can get them from the stores that deal with supplies like SNS nail supply. (more…)