Diping Powder Polish

In a bid to look for an environmentally friendly, odour free and healthy polish? The health professionals have come up with the dip powder polish. As it is known, acrylics are lethal to our nails due to the damage they cause. However, dip powders have been said to be a healthy and safe alternative to the acrylics. It is said to be the perfect polish that offers a shiny look extra protection and more length to the nails without causing the kind of damage that arises from acrylics.

Through the experience that health experts have gathered, dip powder polishes have been manufactured and released to the market to save those who have always been disgusted by the after-effects of the other common polishes. With over 250 colours that one can choose from, you can always have a different but elegant look that is unlike any other that your friends have ever seen. A lot of people are learning about dip powders for the first time but these powders are taking over the market. Many people have started using them and realizing their effectiveness hence replacing their usual polishes.

dipping powder polish

Furthermore, the application process of dip powder is a lot easier and faster hence it saves a lot of time. They have no odour and can easily be soaked off compared to the gel polishes that need a lot of scrapping. These are just a few of the characteristics that make dip powders a safer alternative for the rest of the polishes. Such powders may include the Kiara sky powder nail, OPI dipping powder and SNS nail powder. If you would need such powder polishes, you can get them from the stores that deal with supplies like SNS nail supply.

What Makes Dip Powder Polishes Popular?

Who would not prefer the kind of polish that does not involve a lot of time wastage and yet leaves you with the most elegant look? The application process does not consume more than half the time used to apply acrylics. This makes it better for people with a busy timetable but prefers their nails to be done. The application time for dip powder polish may be equal to that of gels but its removal is a lot easier and faster. More so, spending time in one place is somewhat tiresome.

You do not have to look for handkerchiefs and towels to cover your noses due to bad odour. Think about the allergic reactions that you can get from inhaling chemically manufactured polishes with the bad smell! Dip powder polish makes your environment odour free hence leaving you comfortable. The durability of dip powders is very exceptional considering that it can last even for 8 weeks if you need your nails to grow longer and stronger. However for gel polishes, well you would have to be lucky if it lasts for more than 2 weeks. With dip powder, you can get a French manicure or any other style you wish to get.

Is Dip Powder Polish Healthier Than Other Polishes?

Methacrylate is a very common chemical used in the manufacture of traditional opi gel polish and acrylic. This chemical is known to weaken the nails hence making the products with it unsafe for use. However, this chemical is not used in the production of dip powder polish. Those allergic to that chemical can easily wear dip powder without adverse effects. Essentially, your natural nails will begin to grow stronger and healthier even after applying it for the first time.

How Do You Use Dip Powder?

The application process and removal or dip powder polish is very easy. Anyone can do it which makes them an easier option to apply at home. What you need is the starter kit and all the needed equipment as stated in the instruction’s manual. Note that the instructions are easy to follow hence there is nothing you should worry about. Once you have everything set, you are ready to have a perfect manicure. Moreover, you do not even need UV light or any other complicated equipment for this process.


Dip powder polish, unlike the traditional polishes, has come to save manicure lovers. Its chemical free nature, ease of application and perfect results have made it dominate the market faster than any other polish. Moreover, it does not involve the use of UV light which might be lethal to your skin. If you have been looking for the best polish, this is the kind of polish that you should try. It will give you that amazing look on your nails than all the other polishes and yet leave your nails stronger and healthier than before.