Realistic 3D Nail Design for Beginners

Nail art has been used since a long time as a popular form of body adornment, but like all other art forms, this one too has undergone phenomenal changes as it has been touched by progress in technology. 3D or three dimensional is the new in thing nail design, as it gives an amazing visual appeal to them and adds a realistic touch. Decorating your nails can be a fun way to express your creativity. Because nail art can go far beyond basic nail polish, it helps to have the right tools and accessories to shape, paint, and decorate your nails. You’ve probably seen nail flower designs in the past but since 2020 is fast approaching, we wanted to give you a tutorial on how to create realistic looking flowers that everyone is absolutely going to love.

Realistic 3D Nail Design

What you’ll need:

LDS French White
LDS Base Powder
LDS Clear Powder
LDS D09 Smoke Blue
LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary
LDS Liquid E.A Bond
LDS Liquid Gel Base
LDS Liquid Sealer Dry
LDS Liquid Top Coat

1. Emerald Toned 3D Flower Nail Designs

This royal design uses LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary as basecoat to channel the emerald tone. To create this elusive look, you’ll need some gold ornaments or studs to create the regal look. This sophisticated nail idea is ideal for wedding, formal dinner or just a Sunday nail art to awe the girls.

2. 3D Flower Nail Art for summer

Coral blue is something that can be worn not only for a beach vacation but also for summer. It’s so refreshing and looks cool on nails. The realistic flower is done intricately but it’s rather simple to recreate.

3. Pine-Coloured Flower on White Nails

White nails get a modern update with this floral design. Adding the simple, abstract flowers to a white nail is beautiful. For a trendy design, paint the flowers different on each nail and to give accent to the flower, you can use a black polish to create simple patterns.

4. Daisy Love Nails

This is such a cute manicure! The LDS D09 Smoke Blue feels so fresh for spring and gets even more of springtime feels with daisies mixed in. Use LDS Clear Powder and LDS Liquid Sealer Dry to create the daisies then you can use a gold jewel or if you want the conventional daisy-look, use a yellow polish. For more style, don’t add flowers on each nail.

5. Chic Flower Nails

Deep coloured nails are a huge trend in 2019. Using LDS D132 Escape the Ordinary will give your nail this look. Give the stunning colour a summer/spring aesthetic by adding white flowers to them.Place the flowers on different angle of the nail for a more abstract type of look. With this nail art, you don’t have to put too much effort on your OOTD, because your nail will complete the look.